Sarah's Epitaphs

Sarah's Epitaphs

Sarah's Epitaphs

Industrial, Gothic, Death Metal
From: Austin, TX, United States

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In a way, my music has helped me find myself in a different kind of way, making me open-minded and very aware about the world around me. I also feel that with the lyrics I write and the musical stylings I create with these lyrics, I am able to help others like me heal through the pain and sufferings of their lives, as I have been through it as well. What they go through, I went through for many, many years.


In some sense of the meaning of each song I've written and recorded and performed, I feel that on a interpersonal level of my life's stories I managed to put all these feelings, thoughts, actions and words together to create such a strong message in each song. Some of them talks about life experiences like rape trauma, family violence, transgender struggles, and so many other issues/problems I have struggled with all my life as a transgender Male to Female pre-op. I have written songs about my drug/alcohol problems as well. I also write songs that are political, complicated or LGBT-themed as well. I listen to a variety of musical genres that is inspiring and impactful in my songwriting process, even if I have writer's block as well. It helps me realize what I need to create and make a great effort with good timing as well to put together a song each time I write or jot down random sentences/lyrics to develop which fits where in each song that I create.

Being a solo artist, I feel it's critical to my process of being a musician that I should take what I make do with what I've got and create from scratch each time a idea pops up in my head. You'll see that many of my lyrics and musical stylings come together with a plan to spread the message that people like me shouldn't have to go through life alone, especially if we go through hard times in our paths in life.

I just hope that my words and music together can save someone's life and not go down the path I have gone through many times before. Someday, you'll have me to thank for saving your life from a similar pattern of my self-destructive ways that I abide by.


-Sarah Lovecraft,
Musician/Singer/Lyricist of Sarah's Epitaphs.

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