Mike Dank

Mike Dank

Mike Dank

Funk, Hip-Hop, House
From: Savannah, GA, United States

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Sunshine was created  with samples from The Allman Brothers'  Aint Wasting My Time No More 


samples used from Funkadelic's album : "The Whole Funk and Nothing but the Funk"...Funky slap bass sound is emphasized and sampled to create a primal sound that can be considered House-ish



golden Cuts

Cut up of Drum/Saxophone/Clarinet samples ...creating a completely different melody that is unrecognizable from original loop



Experimentation with Hamilton de Hollanda's mandolin sample...Brazilian Artist featured in Savannah Music Festival 2008...


Swamp Music

Beat produced for freestyling contest... this beat intended to paint a picture of the muggy swamp/marshland and laid-back attitude found in the Gerogia "low-country"


That Bread 

Beat produced in memorium to Hurricane Katrina with a sample from Preservation Hall's "Sister Gertrude: Let's Make A Record"...a record uncovered by New Orleans' Preservation Hall Records that features the late 1800's  Gospel/Wailing singing of Sister Gertrude...original sample was slowed down in order to create a haunting tone that illustrates the injustices faced by African American's in old and new New Orleans (and the South in general)...Introduction to complete beat is long....unfolds itself with use of sample at 1:48 (minutes left)


Bass in water

Bass experimentaions....variety of melodies created from finger-picked bass samples... trying to imitate/explore Bassist Victor Wooten's ability to pick 2 bass strings at a time to create a deeper funkier/jazzier sound...this sound was created by overlapping two loops and delaying the tracks



David Bowie's "Fame" sampled to create a funk/hip-hop beat...name of song is combination of word Fame and Funk...also dedicated to dutch actress Famke Jannssen


Talkin Sh...

Beat featuring sample from Menace II Soicety ...used to portray the frightening yet familiarly inspiring cow boy attitude found amidst  the violence of America's modern ghettos...also Japanese Taiko Drums used to illustrate the volatility and potential explosivesness of a situation regarding attacks on ones own uprbringing, family and pride    

Slow Life: A Tribute to Wu Tang

 Beat produced after a binge-listening session of Wu-Tang's "Enter The Chamber" where old school boom bap beats and sinister background melodies create a unique rawness. The method of overlapping  kicks and snares  is characteristic of old-school Wutang (and this song)  and makes a so-called rhythmic echo that adds to the spunk of the beat.  

Southern Styles

trying to improve upon rat-a-tat style of beat that is characteristic of Southern/ATLCrunk rap....Crime Mobb/Savannah's Camoflauge, Lil Scrappy...etc 

Chi City

 ....Made after visiting Chicago and listening to unique production methods of Kanye West and Common where esoteric Jazz samples and loops are used...Chicago is considered to be a city rich in Jazz history and this is celebrated "Chi-City"


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