Dead Empire

Dead Empire

Dead Empire

Grunge, Hard rock, Rock
From: Burgess Hill, United Kingdom

Band Members

  • Chris Bowden - Vocals
  • Kris Terry - Lead Guitar
  • Tom Panton - Guitar
  • Seb O'Brien - Bass
  • Mazz - Drums

About Band

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As a newcomer to the band, first impressions of Dead Empire are initially favourable, and quickly turn to genuinely impressed. Why? This is a local band who has learnt both to play and entertain, a quality many competing bands seem to lack. Considering the cramped stage of the Freebutt, the 'rocking out' is kept to an understandable minimum, though one can imagine if the band were playing a larger venue then the newfound performance freedom would certainly result in an adrenaline increase, both on and off the stage.

As for the songs themselves, there is little to be improved for what they are designed to do. If someone were to draw a line in between Alice in Chains and Audioslave, you would be likely to find the string strummers on the former's side with the remaining members on the latter's. A favourable mix if there ever were to be one. The evidence of this was happily confirmed following a fantastic cover of Audioslave's 'Show Me How To Live', that almost sounded like an original in the context of the surrounding material actually penned by the band. Particular highlights of the a-forementioned material were songs 'Saintless' and 'Beaten' (both avaliable to listen to on the band's myspace). Saintless was simultaneously haunting and aggressive while Beaten featured the most hooks of the set, particularly the incredible middle section which sounds like an intriguing mix of Muse and Tool.

The songs would not be possible were it not for the musician's themselves though, and we'll start with the bass. Sebastian O'Brien the performance A heavy full bass sound, courtesy of a Warrick Double Buck, played with a heavy finger attack, one solid half to any reliable rhythm section. The other half (the drums) is filled by 'Mazz', who seems to be a human powerhouse. Sacrificing technical magicks for a solid rhythmic backbone leads to very little criticism at all for the music being played. Guitarists Tom Panton and Christ Terry duo who compliment each other in image as much as sound, Tom with a high worn Yamaha Pacifica and Chris with a low-hanging cream Strat, both know their place in the band. There are lead lines but the music is far more guitar-accompanied than guitar led because the band are very lucky to have Chris Bowden as a vocalist. Perfect pitching, heart-felt performance and good timing rarely come as an 'all-included package', but they have with Chris, highlighted exceptionally in Beaten.

Overall I rate Dead Empire as one of the most exciting bands I've been lucky enough to see in recent times and will be making the effort to see them again, I recommend you do too.

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